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Repak Recycle Week 2016

By September 12, 2016 No Comments

Recycle Week has been running for 16 years and has successfully been raising awareness for packaging recycling to the point where Ireland is now ranked in the top 5 in Europe for recycling. This year the emphasis was on Contamination in recycling waste, which can be as high as 36%.

The Brief

If you put certain items in your recycling bin it can cause contamination. Up to 36% of recycling waste is contaminated. The goal of the campaign was to highlight certain items that are regularly found in Irish recycle bins like unwashed food containers, garden waste and even used nappies which can render everything in the recycle bin useless. A campaign was required to educate people about contamination in recycle bins.

Our Response

Following on from last years “make plastic fantastic” campaign the theme “Save Our Nation From Contamination” was devised to highlight the ongoing problem Ireland has with contamination in recycling waste.

A series of outdoor executions were created featuring a half eaten grease stained pizza box, a used nappy and grass being put in a recycle bin to showcase the unacceptable items that are put in recycling bins. The visuals were offset by three poignant and thought provoking headlines that reinforced the message that putting these items in your recycling bin was not a good thing.

The campaign uses a series of large format posters (6 Sheets and Metropanels) in high traffic urban areas. These were chosen as the main focus of the campaign. This was reinforced through the use of a nationwide radio campaign, digital display advertising on sites such as social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram specifically) and a contamination tent in Dublin City Centre manned by personnel in contamination suits and masks.