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Supporting Mortgage Arrears

By March 1, 2017 No Comments

Abhaile – Free Mortgage Arrears Support

Abhaile is a new service to help homeowners
find a resolution to home mortgage arrears.
It provides vouchers for free financial and legal
advice and help from experts, which are available
through MABS. An outdoor 6 sheet poster campaign was developed and rolled out nationwide supported by radio and digital.

The Brief

Over 34,000 people are in home mortgage arrears. The government set aside a budget to deal with this problem which has developed over the past number of years. The name Abhaile was conceived by the Department of Social Protection and the Department of Justice. This new scheme was to be managed by MABS. The marketing campaign would encourage people to call the MABS helpline number to avail of this service.

Our Response

Development of a nationwide outdoor poster campaign featuring 4 types of people who have come through the mortgage arrears process. An older couple, an ethnic couple, a single man and woman. They represented a hopeful and positive image showing that if you engage you can get a resolution and you can move on with your life. The campaign was further supported by a radio campaign featuring urban and rural people in real life situations. A sister giving her brother advice about mortgage arrears and two friends discussing mortgage arrears and in both cases to get in touch with MABS. The campaign used digital platforms such as The Journal and Facebook to reinforce the message.