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Concussion Aware

By October 27, 2016 No Comments

Concussion in sport has been receiving much media attention in recent times and the agency worked with Headway, Brain Injury and Support Services to drive the conversation to a new level with the ultimate objective of seeking common protocols surrounding concussion to be introduced by all sporting bodies in Ireland who are involved in contact sport.

The Brief

Raise the conversation level surrounding concussion with the message to players, parents and coaches, ‘if in doubt sit it out’.

Significant research carried out amongst general public and student body prior to campaign launch identified that 70% of people are uneducated regarding the potential impact of concussion on a player. The campaign sought drive awareness and bring together relevant player unions including IRUPA, GPA, WGPA and PFAI.

Our Response

Development of high profile campaign entitled ‘Concussion Aware’ using Public Relations to drive awareness on the back of the national research study regarding the lack of education surrounding concussion.

Produced specially designed high performance bootlaces sold exclusively in LifeStyle Sports to act as vehicle between Headway and the consumer. By wearing the laces the player is deemed to be ‘Concussion Aware’. All proceeds from the sale of bootlaces went to Headway.

Significant online engagement with content supplied to all player unions for re-distribution on a daily basis throughout the campaign. Opportunity for online users to change their profile pic using Facebook frame to visually show they were ‘Concussion Aware’. Also opportunity for clubs, schools and players to become educated via

Programme sponsored by Laya Healthcare who also offered 20% off their ‘Heads On’ concussion programme.