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Instagram ready to launch a stand alone shopping app

Your customers will soon be able to purchase your products directly from your Instagram feed.

It was reported earlier this month that Instagram is working on a separate e-commerce app, called “IG Shopping”. The release of the app will allow users to browse their favourite products from brands they already follow, with the biggest game changer being that users will now be able to purchase directly within the app.

Ashley Chapman, head of Instagrams fashion and entertainment department, previously hinted at the possibility of a big move into e-commerce when she told Inc Magazine that it planned to “expand its shopping team”.

Shopping via Instagram isn’t an entirely new concept. In March, Instagram officially launched shoppable posts in 11 countries, which allows brands to tag products in a single post. Users can then go from their feed to the “add to cart” section on a brands website with just three clicks. In addition to this, Instagram also added tools that allow brands to incorporate “Shop Now” and “Reserve” buttons on to their profile, as well as rolling out shopping stickers for brands to use in stories. With all that being said, an app that allows users to make a complete transaction without ever having to visit an external website is an entirely new concept, and will ultimately be a gamechanger for small e-commerce brands that have steadily built an audience on the platform over the past number of years.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg recently announced that more than 25 million businesses now have Instagram accounts, and launching a standalone app would naturally suggest that Instagram is planning their big move into the growing 3 billion dollar e-commerce market. According to Facebook, more than 200 million people look at the Instagram feeds of one or more brands a day. Sixty per cent of those people say, they regularly discover new products on Instagram.

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