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Repak Launch Team Green

Plastic packaging has become the major issue facing Repak and its members in the last year. To highlight this and encourage consumers to play their part in recycling better at home, at work and in school, we developed a campaign Join Repak’s Team Green.

The aim of the campaign is to put a relatable face and voice on recycling. This was achieved through the use of prominent Irish sporting personalities and public figures, Annalise Murphy, Paul & Gary O’Donovan, Paul McGrath, Roz Purcell and Bobby Kerr.

The campaign was rolled out across multiple media including outdoor (48 sheets, 6 sheets, Dublin Bus wraps & Tsides), outdoor digital (Transvision screens in commuter hubs; Heuston, Connolly and Pearse Station, Dpods) with radio press and digital supporting the outdoor assets. The wide variety of activity catered to a geographically diverse audience, ensuring a broad reach for the campaign. A suite of video content was also developed for social and video on demand (VOD).

The main focus of the campaign is to draw attention to how individuals making small changes can have a big impact when it comes to plastic recycling. Everyone on the team plays their part.

The campaign has a simple and positive message asking people to become more engaged and conscious of how and what they recycle.