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Chicken Mince Makes Your Day

Manor Farm has recently launched 100% chicken breast mince and to celebrate its diversity and flavour Marketing Network developed a through-the-line campaign to showcase a variety of delicious chicken mince recipes.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage consumers to make the switch to chicken mince, with just 3% fat and 22% protein, whilst still enjoying all of their favourite meals. This was achieved through the use of various mince related recipes such as tacos, fajitas and meatballs which we then tied back to the days of the week. We encouraged consumers to try ‘Meatball Monday’, ‘Taco Thursday’ and ‘Fajita Friday’.

The campaign was rolled out across multiple media including outdoor (6 sheets & Dublin Bus Tsides) and radio, with a range of digital activity supporting the above-the-line activity. We also developed a suite of in-store point of sale including barker cards, posters and recipe leaflets – which of course had a recipe for every day of the week! The wide variety of activity catered to a geographically diverse audience, ensuring a broad reach for the campaign.

The campaign was supported by TV Chef, Adrian Martin, who voiced the radio ads and starred in our suite of recipe videos that were shared across social media and Video on Demand (VOD).

The campaign featured a range of press ads, across a number of targeted publications and has also been supported online through the use of Facebook, VOD, PPC and display advertising.