Abhaile Broaden Their Reach

By February 18, 2019 No Comments

Abhaile once again started the year with an integrated communications campaign to create awareness for their Free Mortgage Arrears Support service.

Based on on-going research, the decision was taken to split the messaging based on geographical location. Thus Dublin and the Commuter Belt received the ‘Has your Mortgage been Sold?’ message with the rest of the country receiving the ‘Struggling with your Home Mortgage Arrears?’.

The campaign ran across a selection of outdoor media including 6 Sheets, Adbox, DART Cards and Luas Portraits. The campaign was also supported on radio and across digital through an Irish News and Media (INM) partnership.

The INM partnership saw a total of 5 native articles running on independent.ie as well as their local publications, each covering a different subject in the very complex area that is Home Mortgage Arrears. Why not click through to the articles, with information and insights provided by experts from Abhaile.

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Home Truths: 5 Things to avoid if you’re struggling to pay your mortgage

Is a Personal Insolvency Arrangement the solution to your mortgage arrears?

Unable to pay your mortgage? The Mortgage to Rent scheme is one way to stay in your home

The series will culminate with a Multimedia article that summarises the services and advice shared throughout the campaign.

The campaign also featured a suite of press ads, across targeted publications and has also been supported online through Facebook, VOD, PPC and display advertising.