Super Bowl 2019 – Who Really Won?

By February 18, 2019 No Comments

To many, Super Bowl is about Football, to many others (including the team here) it’s about the ads! However, Super Bowl 2019 didn’t quite live up to previous years with brands being accused of “playing it safe”.

Brands often rely on high-profile celebrities to get cut-through and 2019 was no different, with appearances from Christina Applegate, Serena Williams and Michael Bublé to name a few. However, according to data from Realeyes Emotional Intelligence, it was humour and good storytelling that won over fans this year.

Leading the Way

It was M&M’s ‘Bad Passengers’ featuring Applegate that came out on top with a total score of 9.72. M&M’s ad achieved a perfect 10 on the EmotionAll scale, 9.7 for attention and performed better than 97% of the videos Realeyes has tested to date.

“Bad Passengers is an example of a highly relatable experience and the story is told in an engaging, humorous manner. The brand is also introduced [on screen] at the exact moment of high emotion [which has resulted in a] win for M&M’s,” Tina Gaffney, head of customer success at Realeyes says.

PepsiCo-owned Bubly’s quirky debut commercial came in second. Pepsi enlisted Michael Bublé for the humour-driven ad which sees the Grammy-winning singer convinced ‘Bubly’ is misspelt and is on a mission to correct the spelling and pronunciation.

Bubly finished with a total score of 9.68 after achieving an EmotionAll score of 10, 97% for better than and 9.8 on the attention scale.

Sharing third spot is Dietz & Watson ad ‘Craig Robinson Likes Dietz Nuts’ and Mint Mobile’s spot titled ‘Chunky Style Milk That’s Not Right’ – 9.66 respectively. WeatherTech rounded out the top five with ‘CupFone’ with a score of 9.52.

Falling Short

At the other end of the spectrum was Bumble’s debut Super Bowl ad featuring Serena Williams.‘The ball is in her court’ sees the tennis star encouraging women to take control of their own stories.

Bumble, which was founded in 2014 and has 47 million users worldwide, is a dating app that only allows women to make the first move.

However, despite scoring 9.7 for attention it ranked dead last out of the 70 Super Bowl commercials with a total score of 5.89.

“Bumble scored high in attention due to the celebrity [aspect] but the celebrity did not necessarily connect viewers to the brand resulting in a lower emotional connection to the storyline.”

The key themes this year nincluded female empowerment, ‘Throwback Thursday’ and inspiration.

Trevor Turner, Creative Director here at Marketing Network, is a Super Bowl Commercials Super-Fan and every year brings us his Top 5 ads. This year was no different.

“This year was actually quite disappointing. Brands are becoming too reliant on celebrity and falling short at connecting the audience to their brand [as opposed to the celebrity],” says Trevor. “However, I’ve still managed to narrow down my Top 5 with Toyota taking the number one spot. The ad showcases the brand in a very powerful way, showing it’s diversity, power and grit.”

Trevor’s Top 5 Commercials for 2019 are: