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What is the Metaverse, and what is the hype?

Broadly speaking, the technologies that make up the metaverse include VR and AR devices, but not exclusively! You can access a metaverse today via PC, console or even your mobile phone with games like Roblox or Fortnite.

A metaverse is a world where people interact and play 24/7, with or without you! Everyone in these games has an avatar or a digital version of themselves.

Gamers aged 18 to 25 spend more and more time in virtual worlds (10-20 hours a week). Vans, for example, launched a virtual skatepark in Roblox that lets players earn points for tricks in their virtual skatepark; users can then redeem these points in their virtual store to customise their avatar.

Vans executive team says the online metaverse is the best place to build brand awareness among their core demographic (13 to 35-year olds). Vans’ skatepark has seen upwards of 48 million visitors to date!

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