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Keelings Great Rewilding

We are delighted to have continued to help Keelings reach its increased target to scatter 250 million wildflower seeds across Ireland. Our dedicated site provided lots of ways to learn about how you and the family can get involved in rewilding Ireland this summer!

As part of the Keelings Great Rewilding, campaign schools had an opportunity to request special packs for their classes. Each pack contained 250gms of Irish Wildflower Seeds – enough to cover 150+ square meters or 40 – 50 hanging baskets!

There’s still a considerable amount of activity happening, so keep your eyes peeled in stores and on their social media channels for more ways to get involved! In addition, we have a dedicated kids zone on the site where you can download activities for your kids, from colouring sheets to word searches to their very own bee mask! You can find them all here.

If you are interested in running some campaigns with us, please email [email protected] and we can have a chat.