In July 2015, a national postcode system known as Eircode was introduced.

All residential and business addresses have been given a unique new Eircode. Residential addresses include every address where post is delivered. Each house on a street, each flat in an apartment block, each unit in a duplex unit and each house in a rural townland has been given an Eircode.


The agency works with the Eircode team at Capita, who in turn report into DECC. Having worked with a range of senior officers in DECC we are well aware as to the pressure on government to deliver value to the electorate while also ensuring that the messaging surrounding state initiatives are inclusive and meet the criteria laid down under the principals of Universal Design.


Eircode is Ireland’s national postcode system and we have worked on the brand from pre-launch to current day. Awareness and education surrounding brand benefits have been at the heart of a long term strategy as we look to surround the consumer on a year to year basis using seven initial personals to drive brand communications. Integration across TV, Radio, Digital, Social Media, Outdoor and PR have allowed for Eircode to be fully adopted by consumers and businesses across Ireland.


(based on 2022 independent research)

  • 100% awareness of Eircode
  • 99% of consumers have used their Eircode in the past 12 months
  • 88% of people know their Eircode off by heart
  • 76% know an Eircode is unique to each house