Group Companies

Marketing Network has developed 48 and 6 sheet posters for Aircoach with a campaign line of ‘Frequent Flyer’. The creative was developed to showcase the frequency of journeys from Belfast and Cork to Dublin Airport by Aircoach. The visual shows a coach travelling at speed using a time-lapse technique to give it additional impact. The image was shot by Irish photographer Paddy McGrath who specialises in auto photography. The campaign was also used at T1 and T2 using more targetted headlines like Belfaster, Quicklee and Dubl Quick to reinforce its intercity routes.

The ever declining organic reach across the Facebook pages we manage on behalf of a broad range of clients, was testing our resolve and creating numerous opportunities to naval gaze….ahh the joys of being in a business where you get to drink copious cups of coffee and put your feet up on a desk as you ponder the outcomes and potential outcomes of your decisions.facebook-reach

Be bold, be brave we thought. There’s no point in looking for science, where none exists. The great thing about Facebook of course is that the insights it gives us. I don’t ever recall the Golden Pages being able to tell us how many people looked at an advert and then build on that by telling us how many people the user about our advert.

Having developed a series of really successful social campaigns for a range of clients, we like all others saw our organic reach start to shift all over the place. From a low of 7.1%, we took decisive action and that of course required budget and a heightened level of engaging posts. We recognised early on that we needed to give followers a reason to engage and therefore operated a dual strategy. Facebook advertising, competitions, but just as importantly we introduced a better quality of online content to encourage dialogue. This has allowed us to drive our organic reach as high as 40%.

Of concern in all of this was the fact that we were posting more frequently and wondered whether our ‘unlikes’ would start to soar. From a total ‘like’ universe of 257,012 we have had ‘31’ unlikes in the past four weeks of activity.

The compelling message is, increase spend on Facebook advertising, increasing posting frequency, but just as importantly, deliver engaging content that is of interest to your audience.