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Santa is encouraging people to support Repak’s Team Green by shopping with a Repak Member this Christmas. Repak Members help fund packaging recycling in Ireland, so Repak want to encourage consumers to join Team Green and support its members when doing their Christmas shopping.

‘Support Team Green this Christmas’ was rolled out across a number of media channels including 6 sheets, large format and digital outdoor, radio and digital display advertising supporting the outdoor assets. Repak Member stores are also getting behind the campaign with Team Green collateral displayed in-store at point of purchase, both informing customers that they are supporting Team Green by shopping there, and also encouraging customers to Join Team Green.

The campaign has a simple positive message encouraging Irish consumers to play their part and Support Team Green this Christmas. Have you joined Team Green yet?

We are delighted to formally announce that we are working with the exciting new Irish Food Brand ‘Everest’. With a growing range of delicious granola pots available in retailers across the country and the recent launch of their Porridge Quickies, Everest is revolutionising healthy food on the go.

Kicking things off, we publicised Everest’s membership of Love Irish Food and were thrilled to secure an interview with Everest Founder and MD Seamus Tighe in the Sunday Business Post, which has a weekly readership of 109,000. The interview also ran in the online edition of the Sunday Business Post which currently has 5,000 subscribers.

“Everest is run by young Irish people who understand the importance of quality and take pride in sourcing local ingredients and investing in the Irish economy.” 
Kieran Rumley, Executive Director, Love Irish Food

Keep an eye out for this exciting new food brand in 2019!

We had great fun this festive season with a national radio and digital campaign that encouraged consumers to sing and/or create lyrics using an Eircode, thus promoting usage amongst online shoppers during the pre-Christmas period. ‘Sam the Snowman’ was introduced to sing the benefits of including an Eircode when ordering online to improve precision in delivery. At the time of writing over 120,000 video views and over 1.1million impressions had been achieved, with impressive consumer engagement.

Aircoach has launched their Christmas Campaign –  branding all coaches with a red nose and antlers for use over the December and Christmas Holiday period. The Ho-Ho-Home creative currently features on poster sites at T1 and T2 in Dublin Airport and across digital and social media platforms.

Blockchains technology has the potential to positively transform many existing business areas, in particular, advertising and marketing, especially influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is used by brands to get their messages to a wider audience, and in the Irish market currently faces a lack of transparency issues for the consumer. However, blockchain technology provides the necessary regulation for transactions between brand and influencer, ensuring transparency and ultimately providing security to all stakeholders.

Influencers are people with a big number of active, loyal followers on social media and across other digital media. They often recommend products and services and their audience usually responds positively, looking for and buying the same products and services. It is that positive response that marketers seek. The right influencer can bring huge dividends to a brand, but the trick for marketers and advertisers is finding the best influencer to showcase their products and services.

While social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook continue to dominate, influencer marketing is proving to be one of the most powerful tools that a marketer can employ to reach their target audience. However, there are numerous obstacles to surpass, such as the complicated and often untransparent payment system that is used. This can, of course, lead to price instability, serious inflation and missed payments, often because a customer is not satisfied with what the influencer has advertised.

This is where blockchain-based platforms may come into play. For example, usage of smart contracts that define the terms and prices of the services could be beneficial. Through a smart contract, fees can be kept under warranty until the obligations set out in the intelligent contract are met and any subsequent changes to the obligations will be automatically added. Once the project is completed, the agreed-upon payments are then carried out, guaranteeing the interests of both parties.

Blockchain technology can also reduce the time needed to launch marketing campaigns, help eliminate the current difficulties in measuring their effectiveness and address the problem of scams and frauds, which many marketers believe to be the biggest problem in the industry today. It will be possible to do so by bringing together one integrated platform for influencers, advertisers and marketers, providing tracking and analysis tools and implementing KYC procedures.

The call for such a reform recently came from the top 10 big spenders in the Advertising world. They are concerned that they are pouring most of their money into inactive media, and that their ROMI could get noticeably reduced due to issues such as ad fraud, poor user experience and a complete negation of trust among multiple players in the digital advertising ecosystem.

Today’s blockchain solutions involve putting the shared, transparent ledger on top of the existing OpenRTB ecosystem, acting as a trailing audit that publicly records and stores all steps in the process. This will progressively eliminate discrepancy and fraud issues, as well as make the whole market much more transparent, not just for the publishers but for the audiences too. Another upside for the audiences is that the attention that they pay to any advertisement will be tracked and they may even choose to get directly paid for it.

Nowadays, consumers and legislators are uniting in the demands for a better advertising experience, especially one that is GDPR compliant. Hence the need for a system that incorporates user privacy, to the point where fraud financially becomes infeasible for the businesses.

The best practice solution may be just around the corner.

Structured data represents a huge opportunity for SEOs to communicate key information with search engines, boost content visibility, and ultimately reach your target audience. It makes it easier for search engine crawlers to extract and understand specific information related to the content, in this case, the kind of product, the aggregate rating, available offers, and product reviews. This allows the crawler to understand your content with increased accuracy.

Structured data gives your SEO a competitive advantage in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), which includes increased space and higher click-through rates. Therefore, when applied correctly, it leads to significantly increased levels of search visibility and engagement rates.

Get in touch with our team in Bubble Digital to find out how we can help you to structure your data and optimise SEO.

Manor Farm has recently launched 100% chicken breast mince and to celebrate its diversity and flavour Marketing Network developed a through-the-line campaign to showcase a variety of delicious chicken mince recipes.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage consumers to make the switch to chicken mince, with just 3% fat and 22% protein, whilst still enjoying all of their favourite meals. This was achieved through the use of various mince related recipes such as tacos, fajitas and meatballs which we then tied back to the days of the week. We encouraged consumers to try ‘Meatball Monday’, ‘Taco Thursday’ and ‘Fajita Friday’.

The campaign was rolled out across multiple media including outdoor (6 sheets & Dublin Bus Tsides) and radio, with a range of digital activity supporting the above-the-line activity. We also developed a suite of in-store point of sale including barker cards, posters and recipe leaflets – which of course had a recipe for every day of the week! The wide variety of activity catered to a geographically diverse audience, ensuring a broad reach for the campaign.

The campaign was supported by TV Chef, Adrian Martin, who voiced the radio ads and starred in our suite of recipe videos that were shared across social media and Video on Demand (VOD).

The campaign featured a range of press ads, across a number of targeted publications and has also been supported online through the use of Facebook, VOD, PPC and display advertising.

On the back of the recent press coverage on financial institutions selling mortgages to a variety of funds, Abhaile returned to both outdoor and radio, to once again raise awareness for their Free Mortgage Arrears Support service.

Following on from an extensive piece of research we developed two executions of the campaign, featuring both a male and female creative, to maximise cut through with our target audience.

The campaign featured across a range of outdoor media including 6 Sheets, Adbox, DART Cards and Luas Portraits, and was supported by radio, press ads and a range of digital activity.

The radio featured two executions, which continued our on-going theme of using real life situations, with one supporting the outdoor messaging. Two friends are talking and one is worried that her mortgage has been sold to a fund, despite making payments to get back on track. The second radio ad saw the return of one of our original real life situations; a sister giving her brother mortgage arrears advice. In both scenarios the concerned party is advised to contact Abhaile for Free Mortgage Arrears Support.

The campaign featured a range of press ads, across a number of targeted publications and has also been supported online through the use of Facebook, VOD, PPC and display advertising.

To celebrate the launch of the new rugby season Aircoach launched a new series of ads featuring Leo the Leinster Mascot.

Aircoach is the official coach transfer provider for Leinster Rugby – a partnership in place over the last ten years.

Repak End of Life Tyres supported The RSA’s Road Safety Week this October with a National Radio Campaign warning consumers of the dangers of second hand or end of life tyres. The ad encouraged consumers to get their tyres checked with one of Repak ELT’s 2,800 members nationwide.

Repak ELT | Road Safety Week | 2018


The campaign was supported with point-of-sale posters for each member, reminding consumers of the importance of getting their tyres checked and offering FREE tyre checks throughout National Road Safety Week.