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This month The PR Team, jumped aboard The Boat, MV Cill Airne in Dublin Bay, for the Marketing Society Summer Event, I FC’d Up.

Three distinguished speakers from the world of marketing, revealed how they have FC’d up in their careers and how they have bounced back. The speakers included Rachael Kane, PR and Mischief Champion at Paddy Power, Justin Cullen, Founding Partner of Jolt Media and Chairperson of Maximum Media, and Marck McGrath, Head of Marketing at Volkswagen Ireland.

Our PR Account Executive Rachel McFadden took away some valid learnings from the evening:

  • Be adept at finding the reasons why something went wrong and ensure you don’t repeat them.
  • Failure is inevitable, it’s what you make of your failures that is the key to future success.
  • Be aware of the differences in what you expected and what was achieved, and list them – what were the discrepancies?
  • If you’re in a senior position, consider allowing your subordinates to make the mistakes you can forsee, due to your past experience, and allow them to learn and evolve. Obviously, “to a degree” is important to remember here!

There was an abundance of learning opportunities and more importantly, plenty of laughs! As an agency, we attend events to network with our industry peers and gain insights for our own development and to share with our clients.

Check out Marketing Society for their full list of upcoming events.

“He who learns but does not think, is lost!  He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.” Confucius

Aircoach have recently launched their ‘Get on the road to the sun’ summer advertising campaign. The campaign promotes early booking for people travelling through Dublin Airport this summer. The through-the-line campaign focuses on 3 summer destinations of Greece, Spain and Morocco, utilising a mix of outdoor, digital and social media.

While much of the focus in the out-of-home (OOH) industry over the last few years has centred on digital format and the capabilities it has brought with it, new research by OOH agency PML Group points to the positive impact that advertising on classic billboards can have for brands.

Repak Team Green Campaign

The study investigated the effectiveness of billboards in conveying fame, trust and desirability for the brands using them. And the results were strongly in favour of the traditional format.

A staggering 84% of the 300 Dublin respondents agreed that advertising on billboards made brands more famous with agreement levels peaking at 91% among 25-34 year olds.

Respondents were also shown to have trust in the medium and the brands on it, with more than half of respondents agreeing that advertising on billboards added to a brand’s trustworthiness. This trust figure was slightly higher among males and younger age groups.

A traditional strength of billboards is their size and the potential for brands to showcase product benefits on a large, pure canvass. This is reflected in the fact that 70% of the sample believe that ads on billboards make a brand more desirable. Again, this figure was highest among 25-34 year olds, at 77%.

Lyons Tea Campaign

The research demonstrates that traditional, large format advertising still highly resonates with consumers, delivering long term results for brands utilising this space.

The research was carried out among 300 16-54 year olds in Dublin with fieldwork by Ipsos MRBI.

If you’d like to see more of our large format work, or would like to chat to the team here about how we can help bring you brand to life on large format advertising, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

After a busy weekend at Bloom Manor Farm were straight back at it with Taste of Dublin, for the second year in a row with Adrian’s Manor.

Last year we developed the identity and branding for Adrian’s Manor, after joining forces with Chef Adrian Martin. Adrian’s Manor is a bespoke restaurant which was brought to life at Taste of Dublin 2018 and after a sell-out year returned for 2019.

Showcasing Adrian’s exclusive recipes, and Manor Farm’s diverse range of delicious chicken, visitors were drawn to the stand-out restaurant all weekend where they could enjoy a range of great tasting chicken treats.

Bubble digital were on hand to share all of the excitement on Manor Farm’s social media channels throughout the festivities – including a live cooking demo on TV3s 6 o’clock show. The branding was hard to miss and achieved a massive cut-through for the Irish brand.

Repak’s Team Green is back for 2019 and this year, building on its success in 2018, the team is growing.

The aim of the campaign is to put a relatable face on recycling by encouraging everyone to play their part and join Repak’s Team Green. Once again we are using prominent Irish athletes and public figures including Paul & Gary O’Donovan, Paul McGrath, Roz Purcell and Bobby Kerr, along with Anna Geary joining Team Green for 2019.

Our ambassadors feature in a range of dynamic and still assets, where they continue to share the message of good recycling habits. Since the launch of Team Green Ireland has recycled an additional 11 million items of plastic packaging, which is a fantastic achievement. This year we aim to focus more on demonstrating good recycling practice as well as showing the difference we can all make if we play our part.

The campaign is currently live across multiple media platforms including large format outdoor (Luas Internal and External, Luas Columns, 6 sheets, Dublin Bus wraps & tsides), outdoor digital (DX screens in high footfall shopping areas including Swords Pavillions, ILAC and Dundrum Shopping Centres, Dpods, iVisions, Tallaght Escalator Ribbon) as well as radio, press, digital and social partnerships supporting the outdoor. A range of video assets have also been created for VOD and display.

The campaign has a simple and positive message asking people to become more engaged and conscious of how and what they recycle, whilst demonstrating that making one small change can have a really big impact. Why not play your part and sign up here!

As part of its ongoing effort to keep people engaged, and active on Facebook for longer, The Social Network has announced two News Feed algorithm updates this week, one focused on increasing the prevalence of posts from your closest friends, and the other aimed at reducing shallow, click-bait style content in feeds.

First off, Facebook’s aiming to show users more content from the people they care about, by adding in additional feed signals based on user research.

As explained by Facebook:

“We’ve [recently] begun surveying people on Facebook to ask them to list the friends they are closest to. We look at the patterns that emerge from these results, some of which include being tagged in the same photos, continuously reacting and commenting on the same posts and checking-in at the same places. We then use these patterns to inform our algorithm.”

Basically, Facebook’s now using more signals, and re-prioritising their algorithm, in order to better uncover the friends you want to hear from most.

The end result, ideally, will be that users see more of their closest friends’ content. Since the implementation of the News Feed algorithm, Facebook has been consistently criticised for hiding important updates, and failing to keep people in the loop on key events within their social circles. This change aims to help Facebook improve on this front with users seeing more posts from their closest connections.

The second announced update relates to the quality of content in News Feeds, and demoting posts and links which users have said are not ‘worth their time’.

Last month, Facebook published an update on the efforts it’s making to improve the quality of the News Feed, and the relevance of the content people are shown on the platform. Part of that process involves user surveys, with Facebook asking its audience to note which updates they find most relevant and helpful.

“The answers will help us understand who wants to see more, or less, of different types of content.” 

The key point here is ‘less’ – Facebook can use this insight to determine not only what’s more relevant, but to reduce the reach of less engaging, less fulfilling link posts. Which is what this new update is all about.

“Based on these surveys, we’re updating News Feed to show people links we predict they will find worthwhile.”

It’s similar to how Facebook has sought to weed out clickbait and quizzes in the past – users may be enticed to click on these posts, but ultimately, they find them less engaging, and less satisfying overall. With clicks being a key News Feed signal, the algorithm would previously help boost these posts further, based on engagement, but this qualifer will see the system take into account the types of content that users have said are ultimately not engaging, despite those initial clicks.

For Pages, it underlines the importance of avoiding clickbait and ensuring that you publish relevant, valuable content, with titles that match what’s on offer in your related links.

As with all of Facebook’s News Feed algorithm tweaks, there will be reach impacts, and it’s important to note the changes and to monitor any significant shifts in your analytics. Again, the Pages most likely to be impacted will be those posting light, shallow content – which, hopefully, doesn’t apply to your business. But if you do see and significant reach dips, it may be worth re-assessing your approach.

Please feel free to get in touch with the bubble team should you have any queries.

With Repak’s Team Green on all of our minds here across the Marketing Network Group, we felt it was fitting to look at sustainable marketing. But, what exactly is sustainable marketing?

To us, sustainable marketing is a plan that has sustainability at its core and executed both in practice and in the product. It’s more than just a buzzword. It’s a fundamental shift in consumer communication styles that lead with heart and stories rather than discounts and offers. It’s the ability to take a step back and worry less about short-term profits and focus on long-term consumer value, especially in a world where consumers are more ethically inclined than ever before.

Sustainable marketing as a practice

In the world of digital marketing, in particular, consumers are more exposed than ever. Cookies are everywhere and we are being followed around the internet. This has seen a rise in ad blockers and VPNs to protect our customers’ online anonymity, which is forcing marketers to think about the sustainability of their marketing channels.

Brands need to find a balance between leading the consumer through a journey to a point of sale in an efficient way, but also in a way that doesn’t jeopardise the relationship between them and your brand.

Ethics play a huge role in sustainable marketing. When building a campaign, consider every touch point and how it affects the consumer, the environment and the community — especially the community built around the brand.It’s important to hold off the desperation for the need of an immediate ROI.It’s about balancing the long-term ROI of a consumer that loves the brand versus the short-term ROI of a quick sale.

Why is sustainability so important?

(i) People – the social bottom line

The social equity of a company is the human presence, measured outside of job-based performance. This starts with a transparent and reliable human resources service. Think about diversity and equality at all times and treat people with respect.

(ii) Planet – the environmental bottom line

The environmental impact of a company is potentially the most complicated — and at this time in the human race’s short history, the most important. We need to ensure that we are doing more than just cutting our impact.Step one is engaging people in your organisation to think about the environment. That comes from the top and works its way down. Initiatives such as joining up for Team Green can be a great start!

(iii) Profit – the economic bottom line

More than just what you see at the end of year accounts, try to evaluate the economic value you have brought into your local and global economy through your work. A truly sustainable company will push itself to change people’s lives and really put their revenues to good use.

Sustainable marketing is more than just a new way of looking at your marketing. It’s about making a business decision that will change your trajectory forever. We want you to take a long, hard look at your business activities and think about the impact you are making and the legacy you want to leave. People want honesty, not perfection.

If you want your business to be remembered as one of the best, then you need to start making changes today.

An Eircode is a unique seven character code assigned to each individual address in Ireland containing a location and address.

The PR Team and Bubble Digital work on Eircode’s PR and social media activations and two campaigns in May centred around the usage of Eircodes by consumers and amongst tradespeople.

A research study amongst Irish consumer households, commissioned by Eircode and carried out by Amárach Research, revealed significant statistics of Eircode awareness and usage.  For example, 72% of Irish households have used their Eircode, 87% know their own Eircode and 70% have used the unique address code system for online shopping.

In May we developed a creative infographic to bring the research results to life.  This was issued to media and across social media, achieving coverage in the national and regional press.

Eircode is also beneficial for companies providing accurate locations for deliveries and for tradespeople visiting homes. Overall 62% of householders use their Eircode when arranging deliveries or visits from tradespeople providing services like plumbing or electrical repairs.

This month, The PR Team also activated a cross-media campaign for Eircode with Today FM’s Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show and The Irish Daily Star, highlighting the benefits of Eircode usage with tradespeople.

Listeners were challenged by Ian Dempsey, to determine the location of the Eircode given on air, every morning, corresponding to different popular locations across Ireland. Each daily winner received a €1,000 One4All voucher and at the end of week overall prize was a €2,000 Voucher for the Cliff House Hotel.

The campaign was amplified with a week-long print ad campaign in the Irish Daily Star newspaper, cross-referencing the Today FM on-air competition.

This month, Everest Snacks, the Irish owned producer of convenient, tasty and nutritious snack products, officially announced a strategic partnership with Applegreen.

To publicise the announcement, The PR Team co-ordinated a photocall with Seamus Tighe, Founder and MD of Everest Snacks and Aaron Duggan, Head of Service Area Retail and Food Operations at Applegreen, with Everest Snacks brand ambassador, Niamh Cullen, at Applegreen service station, Ballymount.

The story was pitched and successfully secured in The Sunday Business post, which has a readership of 109,000 and a circulation of 26,652. The strategic alliance between the two Irish companies has a forecasted turnover of over half a million euro within the next 12 months. Seamus Tighe, Founder and MD of Everest Snacks, hopes to increase Everest Snacks retail sales year on year, through enhanced marketing activity and new product innovation.

Great Outdoors moved from its iconic Chatham Street store to South Great George’s Street in May.

The PR Team launched this re-location with an integrated PR and social media activation across print, broadcast and online media channels, supported by 98FM advertising and 98FM Thunder sampling.

Fitness lover and fashion guru, Vogue Williams opened the new store and MC’d an evening of style, music and adventure, presenting a Great Outdoors fashion showcase of the wide variety of outdoor apparel brands available in store, from mountains to sea and everything in between!

Guests were also virtually transported to experience the outdoor extreme challenges of Mount Everest and Angel Falls through virtual reality (VR).

Great Outdoors was first opened in 1976. Ken and Derek took over the business in 2011 and they are taking the store on its biggest journey yet. The retail store may be moving, but Great Outdoors will always remain true to its roots and keep the customer top of mind.

We secured print coverage in the Sunday Business Post and The Star, and online on An interview piece with Vogue Williams, discussing the Great Outdoors brand also featured on air, on Q102’s breakfast show, the following morning.