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Event Activations during Covid-19

Every day we’re hearing about more and more events being cancelled. This is due to the high levels of uncertainty of when this will all be over! So, how do you plan around this?

Certainly, for a lot of our clients, Bloom was a big one for them and with its cancellation comes a lot of concern over how to reach new and existing customers this year? However, on the plus side with these events being cancelled it means that a lot of resource is freed up to work on something different for 2020. It may not happen the June bank holiday weekend, but perhaps you can take that resource allocation and test a new activation that could get you in front of your target audience?

Not only are the big events cancelled, so too are all of our clients tailored activation events, so we’re busy planning alternatives.

Post Covid-19 planning

  • When is too soon to plan for?
  • Will there be an overload of events at once, how do I make sure mine stands out and gets cut through?

Is the event time sensitive?

  • Can you bring the event online?
  • Can it be done behind closed doors and brought to people as a series of videos instead?

Contact [email protected] and we can talk through the options for forward planning for events and creative solutions for events that have been cancelled.