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Retail Promotions and Activations during Covid-19

Whilst it’s been almost impossible to keep products on shelves over the last few weeks, in particular with the initial panic buying, brand activations are facing major challenges in retail with shopper behaviours changing significantly. Now more than ever it is critical that your brand is where your shopper is, here are just a few of the changes we’re seeing:

  • More and more shoppers are moving online, with reports of online grocery sales increasing by almost 250% with some of the multiples here in Ireland. Your customers are now online, has your brand adapted to this new path to purchase opportunity?
    Clothing retailers are also seeing a big jump in online sales, as people are passing their time browsing online. Are you present in the new era of window-shopping?
  • Planned in-store activations are more challenging to activate due to lower footfall (shoppers moving online) and social-distancing requirements meaning people are spending less time browsing, there are no sampling opportunities and retail staff are struggling to keep up with keeping the shelves stacked so POS is low on their list of priorities. We’re working with brands to adapt these activations and move them online. How are you adapting to this change in the landscape?
  • Customers are looking for brands to add value to their lives now more than ever. We’re living through a time that nobody has experienced before, so we’re looking for inspiration; be it to keep going through the tough times mentally, how to entertain our kids at home, how to make working from home efficient, how to stay socially connected without being able to physically see people. How can you be more than a product or service for your customers at this time? How can you add real value to their lives, bring a bit of happiness, give them a few minutes of peace from the kids? These are the times your customers will remember when Covid-19 has passed, what are you doing to cement your brand in those memories and build brand loyalty?

We’re all in unchartered waters right now but retail activations are essential now more than ever, especially forward planning and we can help you with this.

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