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Event Activations

For months, all we heard about was events being cancelled. However, now that we have more guidance on social gatherings, both outdoors and indoors, we can begin planning for events later in the year. However, it is still as important as ever to keep a Covid-lense on this planning.

There are many considerations when planning an event at the best of times, but now that we have come out the other side of lockdown there are a number of additional concerns to add to that list, such as:

  1. How comfortable will people feel attending an event in person?
  2. Can you be 100% confident that social distancing criteria can be met at the event?
  3. As people’s daily routines are so different now to what they were pre-Covid, will people still have the scope to attend as many events? E.g. remote working, childcare, public transport restrictions are all considerations for people now

Therefore, we also need to consider alternatives to traditional events, as we know them.
Bloom, for example, did a great job of bringing the event online, and we also activated Keelings at Bloom online with a weekend-long digital event activation. Is there more opportunities to bring larger events and/or smaller brand-specific events online throughout the second half of 2020?

On the plus side to many of these large events being cancelled is that it has freed up budget and resource for many brands, allowing brands to test new activations. The question is, what is the right activation for your brand?

Contact [email protected] and we can talk through some suitable options for your brand, be it creating your own alternative event or exploring alternative options to best utilise your budget.