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Adapting your PR strategy during Covid-19

The sudden change that Covid-19 has brought to the Irish marketplace has rocked the confidence of many businesses. There are many areas of PR that can help your business to stay afloat and explore new outlets to promote your brand. Many businesses are having to adapt their behaviour and their services in order to comply with a new stop-start cycle so it is important to be flexible in your business strategy and open to new ideas.

From event management to influencer engagement, implementing an effective PR strategy will influence your reputation and connect with your target audience, even when they’re still reluctant to leave their homes.

Event management

The end date of the global pandemic is indefinite. Remember your company won’t be the only one thinking ahead with events when revised timings allow. Be prepared and start planning into 2021 now. Competing businesses will be vying for the same space. Now is the time to think outside the box for your venue location and securing revised dates. Do keep in mind the restrictions on the number of people that can attend your event (be it indoors or outdoors) and assess whether your event can comply with social distancing rules.

Virtual events have proven popular during the lockdown. From home tasting events to webinars, the scope of virtual activity that is open to businesses to explore has grown significantly. Virtual events are still proving popular as consumers are still nervous to go into crowds or unfamiliar spaces. Outdoor events are also a great option as they are less likely to be cancelled due to restrictions. Irish weather can prove this difficult but attendees will feel more comfortable in an outside space.

Influencer engagement

Social media has taken on a new level of power with the global pandemic as people have been limited in their consumption of media. Choose an influencer that aligns with your brand messaging. Engaging with influencers can be done through a paid sponsorship or a media drop. We have proof that advance notification of a media drop during this crisis is very effective.

We are all working together during these uncertain times so let’s help each other to the best of our abilities. Our skilled team of PR professionals are available to help you develop your PR strategy and talk through what elements of PR your business needs.

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