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In the brief period of normalcy during the summer, it was probably easy to take one’s foot off the pedal and forget about crisis management. However, we now know that the Covid-19 infection rate is rising again and its second wave could be far more devastating on our economy (particularly for small to medium businesses). Continuing to plan ahead for the future and maintain your company’s profile, reputation, brand values and positioning is still incredibly important.

In the past six months, crisis management has come to the forefront of media relations, and this is where the effectiveness of successful PR counsel can be seen. The advice for crisis management strategy planning is much the same as during the lockdown back in April; which is to be prepared with draft holding statements for media, stakeholders, staff and customers. This pandemic is not over yet and it is important to keep your perspective on a potential crisis that may arise.

Do not fear the media. They are seeking to report on news relevant to the current agenda – that may be financial, it may be supply chain challenges, it may be seeking Government support or it may be promoting a valid and timely service. Identify your spokesperson and co-ordinate media training remotely.

Be proactive with communications internally with your employees and externally with your customers. Use this experience to showcase your business’ values and ethics. The reputation of many businesses will be damaged by how they behave towards their staff and customers during a crisis.

Review your communications assets internally and externally. Audit and amend your messaging and project a coherent and positive image in these times of uncertainty and into the future. Covid-19 should be seen as an opportunity to fast-track your crisis management strategy instead of focusing on the fear of having nothing in place. No matter what the crisis, businesses must continue to trade in order to survive. If another lockdown arises, it is important to be prepared and learn from past experiences.


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