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Retail Promotions and Activations

Whilst it’s been almost impossible to keep products on shelves over the last few months, in particular with the initial panic buying, brand activations are facing major challenges in retail. Not only are shopper behaviours changing, but new restrictions from retailers to accommodate social distancing in-store will also play a big role going forward.

As always, it is critical that your brand is where your shopper is, however, there are many challenges ahead:

  1. Freestanding display units have been benched as retailers keep floor space free for shoppers to social distance. Brands need to become more innovative with their point of sale advertising.
  2. Sampling may well be a thing of the past. So how do you get your product into the hands of new customers now? Is couponing set to make a big return?
  3. Shoppers are coming with a set shopping list and focusing solely on that list in order to get in and out as quickly as possible. How do you get on that list before the mum even enters the store? Other advertising mediums, such as digital and radio will be key here.
  4. Children are, in the majority of cases, no longer accompanying mum in store so pester power is non-existent. Do you need to re-focus your messaging to target mum now, instead of children?
  5. Shoppers have moved online. Is now the time to invest in digital packages with retailers?

One thing that Covid-19 has taught is that customers are looking for brands to add value to their lives now more than ever. How can you be more than a product or service for your customers at this time? How can you add real value and bring a bit of happiness to their lives? These are the times your customers will remember, what are you doing to cement your brand in those memories and build brand loyalty?

We’re all in unchartered waters right now but retail activations and promotions will remain essential forever, and with over 30 years of experience we can help you with this.
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