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Social Media: Adapting Your Social Presence As Restrictions Continue to Lift Amidst Covid-19

Looking back on the past few months, it’s no surprise that we’ve spent more and more time online. According to Global Web Index, 45% of those surveyed in 13 markets are devoting more time to social media. This leaves brands with both a huge opportunity and a huge responsibility to remain top of mind without sounding opportunistic or insensitive. Not sure where to start? Here are three steps you should take to adjust your brand’s social media content to the new climate.

Review your tone
What was once in the books for 2020 hasn’t exactly proceeded as planned. We’ve seen an emergence of virtual concerts, classes, and events. And while initially, we may have felt the need to adopt a more serious tone, 68% of those surveyed in Ireland approve of funny/light-hearted videos or content meant to entertain people. Still, continue to closely monitor social media to understand the ever-changing public sentiment and let that guide your tone when developing new content—without sacrificing your brand’s voice. If you’re a fun brand, it’s okay to still (tastefully) incorporate humour! Just keep it appropriate, and, if in doubt, err on the side of caution.

Inform your audience
As restrictions continue to lift, is your brand taking measures to ensure the health and safety of both consumers and employees? Be transparent. These unprecedented times are breeding grounds for anxiety, so explain what you’re doing to adapt to the current environment in order to help reduce consumers’ fears and anxieties.

Act as a resource
Be practical with your content. Do your bit to help consumers in their everyday lives where you can by providing ideas, tips, activities, and services that will calm their nerves, keep them (and the kids!) busy, put a smile on their faces, and ultimately help them adjust to this new norm.

It’s worth mentioning that Facebook saw an uptick in the use of the Love reaction on Coronavirus-related content from brands across the globe beginning in early March, which reiterates consumers’ appreciation for brands’ messages of support and transparency in safely dealing with the pandemic. As social media continues to bring us together, now is an important time for brands to keep the lines of communication open on their social channels while remaining flexible as restrictions ease.

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