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Repak 20th Anniversary

In 2017, Repak marked its 20th anniversary recognising the changes brought about in our recycling habits. To celebrate, we developed a campaign focused on what the Irish public and Repak have achieved together over the last two decades. The campaign focused on the amazing number of items recycled and lead visually by commonly recycled household items, framed by the Repak chevron. Heavily centred on outdoor, with Capital T’s, T’Sides on buses, City Impacts, Big Belly Bins, Metropanels, Commuter cards and a Luas domination, incorporating ceiling graphics and Luas straplines on both the Red and Green lines. The campaign also featured a 30-second radio ad, time sting sponsorship on RTE1 and 2FM, as well as TV3 sponsorship stings plus a digital roll out.




Repak Schools Programme

Marketing Network developed five videos for primary schools focussing on the different types of materials used for recycling. Four different characters were created, Cormac the can for Aluminium, Bridget the bottle for plastic, Bobby the box for cardboard and Jenny the jam jar for glass. A separate video was done for contamination. Class worksheets were also developed for use in schools and lesson plan packs were sent out to teachers for use in the classroom, these were also available for download from the Repak website. Three of the videos were turned into 3×60 second TV commercials which ran on RTE and Nickelodeon.




Repak Save our Nation from Contamination

Contamination has become a big issue for the recycling industry. We were asked to develop a creative solution that highlighted the problems of contamination in your recycle bin. An outdoor, digital and radio campaign was created showcasing the most common contaminated items you could put in your bin – these included a nappy, grass and a used pizza box. The campaign was also supported by social media and on street activity.